Historic Walking Tours of the "Rose of Fire"

Rebel Barcelona offers visitors to Barcelona an envigorating historic tour of the Raval neighborhood, in the old city center.  Come with us as we see the sites where popular history was made in this, one of Europe's most intreaguing cities, a city whose people have at times burned their churches, shot down their bosses, collectivized industries, and abolished money.  We will visit the most emblamatic plazas, streets, and buildings as we develop a narrative of the past two hundred years of radical, popular history.

Tours are arranged by reservation.  If you are interested, please use the contact form, or email rebelbarcelona@gmail.com


Please include information about the number of people in the group and preferred date and time.  Feel free to include basic background information, if so desired.


The walking tours generally last about three hours, so participants should be ready for a good, long walk.  Please consider weather conditions -- wear appropriate shoes and bring a bottle of water.


Please do not bring anything you are not willing to loose.